Creating a Dedicated Reviews Page

How to create a dedicated reviews page to show all your reviews in the one place

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Below are instructions for how to create a dedicated page to showcase all your reviews across your entire product range. These instructions assume you already have the Okendo Reviews app installed and have completed the basic installation. If you have not, please see our article Manually Install Okendo Reviews - Basic Setup.

Step 1: Create a New Page Template

Inside your Shopify theme, create a new page template file with the following specifications.

Install folder: Templates [Page]
Suggested file name: page.okendo-reviews.liquid  

Widget Plus:

<div data-oke-widget=""></div>

Widget Version 1:

<div data-oke-reviews-widget=""></div> 

See video below on how to create a dedicated reviews template.

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Step 2: Create a New Page for your Okendo Reviews Content

Inside Shopify, go to Online Store > Pages > Add page. Give the page whatever title you wish, and then select your Okendo Reviews Page Template from the "Template Suffix" dropdown. You can now save the page and link to it throughout your site to let customers see all your reviews.

See video below on how to create a dedicated reviews page.

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