Okendo's Grouping feature allows you to display reviews from multiple products on a single product page, by creating groups of related products. It's flexible enough to allow you to set up and configure groups in a variety of ways, so that you can display reviews on your product pages in the way that best suits your product catalog. Below are two of the most common uses for grouping.

1. Grouping reviews across multiple variations of the same product

Grouping can be particularly useful in situations where you sell multiple products which are variations of one another, for example you might offer multiple colors of the same shirt. In this case you may want to group together reviews from all colors of the shirt and show these reviews on all shirt product pages, instead of just showing reviews for the single color the shopper is viewing.

2. Grouping reviews for "bundled" or "kit" products

You might also want to group reviews together if your store offers a "kit" or "bundle" product - a single purchasable product made up of products that you also sell individually. Here you can use grouping to display reviews from the individual products on the bundled product page, in addition to any reviews for the bundle itself.

If you think grouping your reviews across products would benefit your store, continue reading and learn how to create and set up groups with our article How to: Create and Configure Groups.

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