Creating Groups

Create groups and set them up to display reviews from multiple products on your product pages

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For general information on groups and why they might be useful for your store, please read: Introduction to Okendo Groups
Okendo allows you to create two different group types - Manual Groups and Shopify Groups. Manual Groups are created by manually selecting which of your products you want to include in the group, whereas a Shopify Group will automatically sync products from an existing Shopify collection. Manual Groups are the recommended option, however, a Shopify Group may be a convenient choice if you already have collections set up inside Shopify that you want to use for grouping.

Creating Groups

To get started creating a group, navigate to the Groups section of Okendo [1], then click the "New Group" button [2].

Creating a Manual Group

To create a Manual Group, navigate to the "New Group" page, then:

  1. Select "Manual" as your group type

  2. Enter a name for your group (this is only used behind the scenes, shoppers won't see this name)

  3. Pick the products you'd like to include in your group

  4. Select whether you'd like to automatically assign all the products you've selected to also display grouped reviews from the group you're about to create. Read the section below on "Assigning Groups" for more information on group assignments. Don't worry if you're not sure yet, group assignment settings can easily be changed later

  5. Click the "Create Group" button.

Creating a Shopify Group

Note: Only create a Shopify Group if you have collections already set up in Shopify that you'd like to use for grouping.

To create a Shopify Group, navigate to the "New Group" page, then:

  1. Select "Shopify" as your group type

  2. Select the Shopify collection you'd like to sync products from

  3. Click the "Create Group" button

Group Details Page

After creating a new group you'll be redirected to the "Group Details" page. Here you'll be able to see aggregated review, question, and media data which will appear on the product pages of any products assigned to display reviews from the group. You can also use this page to make changes to the group, including editing the group products or changing the group name (for manual collections only).

Note: It may take a few minutes for new data to appear on this page after creating a new group or adding/removing products.

Assigning Groups

For each product in your store, Okendo decides which reviews to display - reviews for that product only, or reviews from one of the groups that the product belongs to.

By default, all products are assigned to display only individual product reviews on their product page. To display grouped reviews from multiple products on a single product page, you need to assign that product to display reviews from a group instead. To do this, head to the group assignments page by clicking the "Assign Groups" button [1]:

Here you'll see a list of your products. To assign a product to display reviews from a group, simply select that group from the dropdown next to the product [3].
This page also has controls to help you more easily find products you're looking for - a filter for showing only products from a particular group [1] and a search bar for finding products by name [2].

Preview your Product Pages

Once you have your groups set up and assigned, head to your product pages and your Okendo Widget should now show grouped reviews for any product you've assigned πŸŽ‰

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