Adding products to a group allows you to display reviews from multiple products on a single product page. You can manually add products to a group or you can set up your Okendo admin to automatically assign new products to a group when you add them to your Shopify collections.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Assign a product to a group

You can add up to 250 products to a group.

  1. Open your Okendo admin.

  2. Click Groups in the sidebar under the Reviews tab.

  3. Click Assign Groups.

  4. Scroll to the product you want to assign to a group.

  5. Expand the Display Reviews From list and select a group name in the list to assign the product to it.

    Okendo automatically saves your changes.

Set up Okendo to automatically add products to a group

If you add new products to your Shopify collections, you can set up Okendo to automatically add those products to an existing Shopify group. This option is available only for Shopify groups that you created.

Keep in mind: Groups have a limit of 250 products. If you exceed that limit, Okendo stops automatically adding new products to the group.

When you choose the auto-assignment function for your Shopify groups:

  • Okendo automatically assigns a product to a group that currently doesn't belong to another group.

  • If you add a product to more than one auto-assigned group, Okendo adds the product to only one group.

To automatically add products to a group

  1. Click Groups in the sidebar.

  2. Select the Shopify group that you want to modify.

  3. Navigate to the Products tab.

  4. Toggle on the Automatically assign newly added products to display reviews from this group switch.

  5. Click Save.

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