There are two options for moving reviews within Okendo:

  • Move a single review to a different product. OR

  • Move all reviews from one product to another product.

When To Move Reviews

Some common cases where you might consider moving reviews are:

  • A customer has accidentally reviewed the wrong product and you'd like to move it to the correct one.

  • A product in your store has been discontinued and you'd like the reviews for the original product to appear on the new one.

Note: when you move reviews, they are no longer visible on the original product. If you'd like to group reviews on product pages without moving them from their original product, see our Grouping feature.

Move A Single Review

1 - Find the review you would like to move.

2 - Click the "Details" button on the review card.

3 - Click the "Move" button.

4 - Select the product that the review should be moved to.

5 - Click "Move Review".
6 - The review will now be assigned to the selected product.

Move All Reviews From One Product To Another

1 - Using the product list, find the product which contains the reviews you'd like to move. Click on it to go to the product details page.

2 - Once on the product details page, click the "Move Reviews" button.

3 - Select the product that the reviews should be moved to.

4 - Click "Move Reviews"

5 - Check that the products you've selected are correct and confirm that you'd like to move ALL reviews from one product to another by clicking "Move Reviews". Note: This cannot be reversed.

6 - The reviews will be moved from the old product to the new product. Note: It may take a few minutes to complete the move if there are a lot of reviews to be moved.

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