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Getting Started: Configure Performance Tracking
Getting Started: Configure Performance Tracking
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Reviews are a critical part of the customer buying journey and significantly impact key e-commerce metrics. It is therefore important for brands to understand how customers are engaging with Review widgets. Okendo's integration with Google Analytics provides insights into how your customers engage with Review widgets and how that engagement directly impacts conversion rate, revenue, and average order value on your store.

Customer engagement is classified into

  1. Views - customers who spent time viewing reviews. Learn more about tracking views -> Tracking Widget Views

  2. Interactions - customers who interacted with certain elements on review widgets. For example,

    1. Clicked “Show More” reviews

    2. Filtered/sorted reviews

    3. Clicked the star icons at the top of the product or collection page

    4. Clicked on an image or video to enlarge it

    5. Clicked up-vote or down-vote on a review

To start tracking customer engagement with Reviews, set up your Google Analytics integration by following these 3 steps

  1. Map Google Analytics in Shopify

  2. Enable widget tracking in Okendo

  3. Turn on Google Analytics Integration

Step 1: Map Google Analytics in Shopify

❗ Please note that Universal Analytics by Google is being sunset. If you are using Universal Analytics, switch to GA4 before July 1, 2024

  1. Go to the Shopify Admin > Google & YouTube under the Sales channels heading.

  2. Check to see that a Google Analytics 4 property is connected in the store, as shown below. If the heading states Your Google Analytics property, then a property is already connected.

  3. If there is no property connected, select a property from the dropdown and select Connect. Note: If a Google Account is not yet connected to the Shopify store, follow these steps here.

Step 2: Enable Reviews widget tracking in Okendo

  1. Open your Okendo admin > Settings > Widgets.

  2. Select Google Tag (gtag.js - Recommend Shopify Default). ​

⚠️ If using Google Tag Manager, refer to this help article to complete a few extra steps.

Step 3: Turn on the Google Analytics Integration

  1. Next, navigate to Integrations (Settings > Integrations).

  2. Select Sign in with Google and login with your preferred Google account.

  3. Select the properties you wish to sync data from in the list and click Save.

Once the above configuration is completed, navigate to the Google Analytics Dashboard (Insights > Google Analytics).

  1. Select a GA property and configure the data range as required to view your data.

  2. Wait 48 - 72 hours for the data to sync

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