Testing a Quiz (Points Logic)
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Okendo Quizzes has an in-built test mode to help validate a quiz configuration. Test whether questions, answers and recommendations have been set up correctly before publishing a quiz on-site.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Test questions, answers and recommendations

  1. Navigate to Quizzes > Quiz List, click the 3 dots next to an existing quiz and then Edit.

  2. Click on the Test tab. The questions that have been set up for the quiz will be displayed along with dropdown menus containing answer options for each one.

  3. Select an answer for each question to simulate the experience of a quiz taker.

  4. After selecting answers for each question, scroll down to the Recommendations section. The products that have been set up for the quiz will be displayed.

  5. The recommended products will be displayed with a purple pill next to them and the number of points associated. Runner-up recommendations will be displayed next with a gray pill. Any products not recommended will be displayed at the bottom of the list and grayed out.

6. Hover over the number to see the point score breakdown, and how each question contributed to the overall score.

7. A preview of the recommendations can be viewed next to the testing form.

Identify changes required and publish the quiz

Having tried various answers to the quiz, you may identify issues with the set-up such as:

  • An incorrect allocation of points leading to recommended products displaying for unexpected answer combinations.

  • Points not triggering the expected recommended products for specific combinations of answers.

  • Products being recommended despite being intended for exclusion based on the assigned negative points.

Switch back to the Build tab and make the required changes to the weightings. Follow the testing steps again to ensure the recommendations display correctly.

Publish the quiz on-site once you are satisfied with the test results.

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