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How to augment your product listings in Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads with review data

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Applying For Google Product Ratings

Connecting a product feed to your Google Merchant Center enables shoppers to discover your products through Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads.

Once you have a product feed uploaded to Google Merchant Center, we recommend also connecting a reviews feed so your product listings can be augmented with review data. This will help you capture more search traffic as a result.

To do this, follow the steps below. Please ensure you also comply with Google's Product Ratings program policies.

  1. Log into Okendo from the App tab within your Shopify account.

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab and then click on Integrations.

  3. Scroll down to Google Shopping and expand the integration option.

  4. Toggle on "Enable Google Shopping feed".

Additional Options

  1. Use Product SKU as MPN: Toggle this on when you do not use GTIN codes within your product catalogue and instead rely on SKU data. This will use the Shopify Product SKU as the MPN in the review feed. This can improve matching when the SKU and MPN are the same.

  2. Exclude GTINs: If you have GTINs set up in your back end that are not official barcodes, or do not meet international standards, toggle this on. Okendo will exclude this data from your review feed, to minimise any risk of errors flagged by Google.

Once your feed had been enabled, Okendo will pass this to Google. Google will review your application and either approve or reject based on the information provided.

This can take anywhere between 48 hours - 2 weeks.

Frequently Ask Questions

Are syndicated reviews included in the feed?
No, only locally captured reviews are included in our feed. This is a rule dictated by Google to ensure no duplicate reviews exist across regions.

โ€‹How many reviews do I need before they will start appearing in my Google Shopping Ads or listing?
You need a minimum of 50 reviews included in your overall feed.

โ€‹Do all products need an MPN or GTIN set up within my Shopify catalogue in order to display review snippets in Google Shopping?
Yes, Google uses these product identifiers to match reviews, to the products in the Merchant Centre. If Google cannot match a review, it will be rejected.

Please Note: Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads are separate from Google Seller Ratings and will not show in your Google Ads. If you wish to enable Seller Ratings, please contact us or consider the Google Customer Reviews service.

If you experience any issues with the integration sync, please read our Troubleshoot Your Google Shopping Integration article. We also suggest reaching out to Google Support for any questions.

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