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How does review syncing between stores work?
How does review syncing between stores work?

Explains how Okendo Reviews mirrors reviews between identical products in different stores.

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This feature is available on the "Power" plan and above

When operating two or more stores which stock the same products, it is often useful to sync reviews between them. This allows your reviews to be seen everywhere, no matter which Shopify store your customers are browsing. We call this process of syncing reviews between stores 'Syndication' and this article explains how it works.

How Does Syndication Work

When Okendo receives a new review from a customer, we check to see if the store has any related stores (Note: related stores can be added by contacting support). For each related store, we attempt to match the reviewed product from the original store to a product in the related store. A product is a match if:

  1. The product's variant SKU has a single match in the related store. If the related store has more than one product variant with the same SKU, a match will not be found; or

  2. The product handle matches between the two stores (Note: the product's handle can be found at the end of the URL for any product page in your store. For example the product handle for the page is 'example-product')

If a matching product can be found, the review is copied into the other store and will be shown on both stores. Changes to the review - such as replying, up-voting or publishing - will be kept in sync between stores.

Check If A Review Is Syndicated

A syndicated review will display a 'Syndicated' badge during review moderation.

View Syndicated Stores

To see which stores you're currently syndicating reviews to, check the Syndication Settings page (Settings > Syndication).

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