Collecting Site Reviews with Okendo
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Site Review Module

Your primary collection method will be to configure the Post-Review page to include the Site Review module.

This module displays to customers after they submit their product reviews and will prompt them to rate their broader experience of your store.

This approach makes capturing site reviews a breeze since a customer is already highly engaged in the review process.

Site Review Import

If you are migrating from a competitor or have previous site reviews, Okendo is capable of importing them.

When importing site reviews, the Okendo Import template can be used. In the productId column, use “site_review”. Upload this CSV file into Okendo under Settings -> Import/Export -> Import

Using Site Reviews as Seller Ratings

If you plan to use Okendo collected Site Reviews as Seller Ratings and to connect these with Google please refer to our article: Connecting & Displaying Google Seller Ratings to learn about plan requirements and Google regulations

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