If you've just installed the Okendo app on your store, welcome and thanks for choosing us as your new reviews provider! If you haven't installed Okendo yet, you can find us in the Shopify App Store.

This guide is going to take you through installing Okendo onto your Shopify theme and then show you some simple things to setup to get the most out of Okendo. We'll also cover some things to know when migrating to Okendo.

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Install Okendo Onto Your Theme

During the initial setup of the app you'll be asked how you'd like Okendo to be installed onto your Shopify Theme: Automatically or Manually.

Auto Install

If you select this option, we will check whether your published theme architecture is "Vintage" or "Online Store 2.0" and guide you accordingly. See difference between vintage and OS2 themes to find out more about Shopify theme architectures.

Vintage Themes

The Okendo app will create a duplicate of your theme and install the Okendo widgets into that theme as best we can. Once this has been completed, you'll see a theme in Shopify with the same name as your live theme but with [Okendo Reviews] at the end. You can preview this theme to see any changes and once you're happy with it, publish it as the live theme. Congratulations, Okendo is now live on your store!

Note: Because Okendo duplicates your theme before making any changes, your live theme will remain safe and untouched during the auto install process.

Online Store 2.0 Themes

Follow our Online Store 2.0 Install Instructions to add Okendo App Blocks to any pages on your theme.

Manual Install

If you'd prefer to do it yourself or you have a site developer that can help you, follow our Manual Install Instructions to get Okendo installed into your Shopify theme.

Start Your Trial

Once Okendo is installed onto your theme, it's a good idea to start your trial period. This can be done in the Okendo app by navigating to Settings > Billing and selecting an appropriate plan. Starting your trial will allow you to experience everything Okendo has to offer and will stop any demo reviews from appearing on your site.

Learn The Basics

Migrate To Okendo

If you're coming from another reviews platform you'll want to make sure to keep your existing reviews. This is easy, export your reviews from your current reviews provider and import them into Okendo by following this guide: Importing Reviews.

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