Customizing Okendo Loyalty Emails
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Email communications are crucial for engaging customers in a loyalty program. With Okendo, you can easily customize your loyalty emails to match your brand's style and convey your message effectively. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of customizing Okendo Loyalty emails and explore the different types of emails you can personalize to engage and delight your customers.

In this article, you'll learn about:

  • Mail templates that can be customized

  • Styling emails

  • Content substitutions

Getting Started

To begin customizing your Okendo Loyalty emails, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Okendo > Mail > Configure > Mail Templates.

  2. Locate the Loyalty emails under the Loyalty header.

Mail templates that can be customized



Loyalty Sign In

Contains a one-click link that allows members to sign into your loyalty program

Create Loyalty Account

Sent to customers when they attempt to sign in to your loyalty program without an account

Join Loyalty Program

Sent to welcome new members who have already joined your loyalty program

Loyalty Points Earned

Sent to a member when they earn points for various activities defined in your program

Loyalty Reward Redeemed

Sent to a member when they redeem points for a reward

Loyalty VIP Tier Upgrade

Sent to a member when they reach the spend requirement of a higher VIP tier

Styling emails

After selecting the email, use the styling controls to customize the look of various elements within the email. Toggle on Override Global Styling to control style options used on this email only or toggle off to inherit Global Styling (located under Settings > Mail > Styling).

Configurable Options


Override Global Styling

Select this to control style options used on this email only.

Font Family

Select a base font for the email. Defaults to Helvetica.

Email Background Color

Color used on the outer background of the email.

Card Background Color

Color used on the inner background of the email.

Primary Font Color

Main font color used in the body of the email.

Button Background Color

Defines the color of the main button (call to action) on the email.

Button Text Color

Defines the button text color.


The header image is an important part of any email as it's the main thing that grabs a customer's attention when they open an email. A header image is used instead of the store name, on the email.

To set a header image, open the Header section and toggle on Override Global Settings. Select Click or drag to upload to upload your image. Once uploaded, you can tweak the width of the image so that it shows at the right size. If you wish to choose another image, select against the existing image and re-upload another image.

Note: if you plan on using the same image in the header for most of your emails, it's better to set the image up as a global default in your Email Styling Settings.

Configurable Options


Accepted image formats

These include JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF.

Recommended width

The recommended width should be nor more than 1200px

Header image width

Adjust the width of the image, between 50 and 600px.


Text content forms the core of any email and is important in communicating your brand to your customers, so we made it easy to edit the main text areas in all our emails.

To do so, open the Body section. Notice substitutions and their descriptions are listed at the top of the section. Each email allows for certain text substitutions which, when included in body content, will be replaced with a real value when the email is sent. For example, {{customer.first_name}} would be replace with "Jane" if the customer's full name was "Jane Smith".

By using this, you can greatly improve email personalization. A list of available substitutions can be found at the top of the "Body" section for each email.

Other content that can be changed include:

Configurable Options


Subject Line

Subject line of the email.

Preview Text

Summary text shown with the subject line by some email clients. This setting is optional.


Greeting text, shown below the header image or store name.

Body Content

Main content within the body of the email.

NOTE: Depending on which mail template is edited, certain body content may be protected from editing. For example, coupon codes.

Primary Button Title

Edit the text on the main call to action button. This setting is optional.

Primary Button Link

Edit where the call to action button links out to. This setting is optional.


You can also edit the content in the Footer section. Place links to terms and conditions or other policies. This content is optional.

Preview pane

Preview the look and feel of the email template in the preview pane. Select to preview the email on desktop email clients or to preview the email on mobile clients.

Select the 3 dot overflow to send a test email, rename, duplicate or delete the email template.


The default recipient of the test email will be the Shopify store owner. Additional email addresses can be inputted in Settings > User. Type the email address, press enter and then save at the bottom.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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