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Getting Started With Emails
Getting Started With Emails

Learn how to create your first email in Okendo

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The Emails page in Okendo allows you to browse, create and configure all the emails which Okendo may send to customers on your behalf. In this article, we're going to create a new Review Request Email that could be used in an upcoming Okendo Sequence.

Browse Emails

To get started, head to the Okendo app and open the Emails page (Mail > Emails). Here you will see all of the different emails types that Okendo supports such as Review Request and Coupon.

Emails category page

To see the individual emails within a type, click on that type in the list. In this case, we're going to click on "Review Request" to see our existing review request emails. To edit an existing email, click the email in the list or the "Edit" button. Alternatively, if you just want to quickly see what an email looks like, click the preview button. At the top right of this page you can also create a new email for this type by using the "New Email" button.

Create A New Email

Click "New Email" to open the new email configuration dialog:

New email dialog

Here you can give your email a name and also choose a base layout for the email. Choose whichever layout you prefer, in this case we're going to choose "Side-By-Side".

Tip: Creating more than one review request email can be useful so that one can be used for the first email in a sequence and another can be used for a reminder. Additionally, multiple emails can be used to manage things like co-ordinated changes to branding or content. All you need to do is create and configure a new draft email and then activate it when you're ready.

View Your New Email

Once your new email has been created you'll be taken to the "Edit Email" page where you can setup your email.

"Edit Email" page

The top action bar shows you this email's status controls, as well as the standard saving controls. The status of an email can be either 'draft' or 'active'. A draft email is one that is still being set up while an active email is ready to send to customers. We'll cover this more in the article Using Your Emails.

On the left side is your customizations panel. Here you can configure your email's colours, text, imagery and more. For more details see our article about Customizing Your Emails.

On the right side is your email preview panel. As you update things in the customizations panel, this will update with a live preview of the email so that you can see your email before it gets sent out to customers. At the top of the preview panel, you'll also find the name of this email and some additional controls. Within the ... menu you'll find options to Send this email as a test , Rename this email, Duplicate this email or Delete this email. On the right you'll find the ability to toggle the preview between desktop and mobile modes.

Next Steps

Now that you've created your first new email, you can learn how to customize it and put it to use in the following guides:

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