Reply To Your Customer Reviews

Learn how to reply to your customer reviews both publicly and privately

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To reply to a review follow these steps:

1. Find the review to which you would like to reply.
2. Click Reply.
3. Type your reply in the Your Reply text area.

4. Check your reply options. To have your reply visible on your site when the review is published, check Visible to shoppers. To email a copy of your reply to the reviewer, check Email a copy to the reviewer.
5. Click Save (or Save and Send if you're emailing a copy to the reviewer).
6. Your new reply can be seen in the review card body.

Tip: You can reply to reviews from the review list page and the review details page.

Deleting a Reply

To delete a reply, follow these steps:

1. Find the review with the reply to be deleted.
2. Click Edit Reply.
3. Click Delete Reply.

Formatting Your Replies

When writing your replies, you can format the reply text using Markdown formatting. Add a single asterisk around one or more words for *italics* or two asterisks for **bold**.

You can also add links to your replies. Simply type the link title in square brackets followed by the link URL in circle brackets. For example, a link to Okendo would be included like this:

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