To reply to a review follow these steps:

1 - Find the review to which you would like to reply.
2 - Click Reply.
3 - Type your reply in the Your Reply text area.

4 - Check your reply options. To have your reply visible on your site when the review is published, check Visible to shoppers. To email a copy of your reply to the reviewer, check Email a copy to the reviewer.
5 - Click Save (or Save and Send if you're emailing a copy to the reviewer).
6 - Your new reply can be seen in the review card body.

Tip: You can reply to reviews from the review list page and the review details page.

Deleting a Reply

To delete a reply follow these steps:
1 - Find the review with the reply to be deleted.
2 - Click Edit Reply.
3 - Click Delete Reply.

Formatting Your Replies

When writing your replies, you can format the reply text using Markdown formatting. Add a single asterisk around one or more words for *italics* or two asterisks for **bold**.

You can also add links to your replies. Simply type the link title in square brackets followed by the link url in circle brackets. For example, a link to Okendo would be included like this:

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