Loyalty points are a great tool for incentivizing your customers to leave a review and attach a photo or video. To integrate Okendo and LoyaltyLion, you need to retrieve and copy your LoyaltyLion API details into Okendo. This guide will show you how.

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Get LoyaltyLion API details

1 - Subscribe to LoyaltyLion. You can install the LoyaltyLion app for Shopify here.
2 - Open the LoyaltyLion app and navigate to Manage > Configuration > Settings
3 - Scroll to the bottom and make a note of your Token and Secret

4 - Navigate to the integrations page in Okendo (Settings > Integrations)
5 - Open the LoyaltyLion section and copy your Token and Secret from LoyaltyLion into the corresponding fields

6 - Click Save on the LoyaltyLion card

Configuring LoyaltyLion points

1 - Navigate to the Rewards page inside Okendo and choose Loyalty Points
2 - From the Loyalty Provider dropdown, select LoyaltyLion
3 - Configure your point amounts for incentivising your reviews. Okendo allows you to incentivise customers for improving their reviews by attaching pictures, videos or profile pictures. Note: The points awarded for photos, videos and profile pictures apply on top of the points for writing a review. For example, if a customer uploads a review with a picture and Writing a Review awards 50 points and the Submitting a photo awards 50 points, the customer will receive 100 points in total. Points can also be capped per order so orders with many products will not award too many points. Set Maximum amount of points per order to 0 for no maximum.

4 - Click Save
5 - Your new reviews generated through review request emails will automatically award your customers with loyalty points in LoyaltyLion.

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