Overview: Designing & Branding Your Customer Touchpoints
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A customer touchpoint is any time your customers interact with your brand. Within your reviews program, a customer touchpoint can be when your customer does the following:

  • Fills out the response form to submit a review

  • Receives an email from you about a coupon code they earned

  • Reads a review on your product details page.

You can personalize these touchpoints to blend seamlessly with your store and provide a consistent brand experience across all your channels.

Note: Designing your customer touchpoints only manages the way elements within your reviews program appears to your customers. To collect and display reviews, you must enable a sequence in Okendo and add the Reviews widget to your Shopify theme.

1. Design your Reviews widget

Okendo offers you the widest array and most customizable review displays. There are multiple different review display types, a variety of layouts, and endless design customizations to choose from so that you can build a reviews display that blends into your site instead of using one that looks like it was just pulled off the shelf.

Go to Okendo > On-Site Displays to start styling your review displays, including the Reviews widget. Click here to learn more.

2. Style the Response Form

The Response Form streamlines the review process by allowing your customers to provide their reviews in a single step. The form itself consists of three pages that you can customize to fit your needs and you can use the Auto-Style feature to

Go to Okendo > Reviews > Response to start personalizing the review experience for your customers. Click here to learn more.

3. Compose and customize your emails

Apply your own style and compose a custom message in any email that your customers receive from you, including the review request email.

Go to Okendo > Mail > Mail Templates to start personalizing your messages to your customers. Click here to learn more.

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