Exploring Response Form Style Settings

Explore some of the style settings available with the Response Form

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The highly customizable Response Form provides over 55 style settings that you can use to personalize it to build a memorable brand experience.

In this article, you'll see examples of these style settings:

Allowing Social Login and Media

This style setting allows customers to easily access their existing account in your Shopify store by using their social media account credentials to log in. By default, this style is set to 'on'.

Auto Style

This feature automatically generates a palette of colors based on 3 colors that you provide (Brand, Primary Text, and Secondary Text), and then applies those colors across all style settings.


The style settings in this section control the look of the Agree & Submit button that appears on the Review page and the Submit button that appears on the Enhance page. You can change the colors of the buttons, add a border, switch it to uppercase or lowercase, and more.

Font Family

This setting allows you to change the font for all the text that appears on the form.

Header Image

This group of style settings allows you to add a header image to the form, change the layout of it, and then link it to a webpage.

Progress Markers

These style settings change the color of the progress markers on the Enhance page.


The style settings in the Rewards section control the look of the Rewards banner at the top of the Review and Enhance pages. You can change the background color, the color of the icon, and more.

Star Color

There are 2 settings that control the star color when it's selected and clear.

Post-Review Modules

The settings in this section allow you to add, remove, and rearrange the modules on the Post-Review page.

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