Using The Mail History View

Get the most out of the mail history page by viewing historical sends, detailed event history and learning how to resend an email

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The Mail History page displays a log of all the emails which have been sent to your customers by Okendo. You can view which emails were sent, when they were sent, what they looked like, and also detailed email stats such as whether it was delivered, opened, clicked, and more. You can also resend a previous email to a customer in case they have misplaced it.

Mail History List

The mail history list shows a chronological list of the emails that have been sent to your customer by Okendo from newest to oldest. For each email, you can see the recipient, subject, type, status, and send date. The "type" here corresponds to the various types of emails sent by Okendo such as review requests, coupon rewards, and more.


The list can be filtered by email type using the dropdown in the upper left. This can be useful if you only wish to see a list of Review Request emails that have been sent. The list can also be filtered by email address to find all the emails that have been sent to a particular customer.

Viewing The Email Content

To see the content of the email that was sent to the customer, click the magnifying glass icon in the "Details" column of the list. This will bring up the email content so you can see exactly what was delivered to your customer's inbox.

Resending An Email

In the case where a customer has lost an email that was sent to them through Okendo, simply click the Resend button in the top right to send them another copy of the original email.

Viewing The Email Events

To see if a customer has opened or clicked a particular email, you can click on the "History" tab. Here you can see a timeline of the customer's interactions with a particular email including delivery, opens, clicks and more. In the case of a review request email, you can even see which product was clicked on and which rating star was clicked.

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