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How to Integrate Postscript with Okendo
How to Integrate Postscript with Okendo

Instructions for setting up a Postscript integration with Okendo

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Available on the Power plan and above

To integrate Okendo with Postscript, you will first need to provide Okendo with permission to send messages to your Postscript account. This guide will give details for this process as well as the next steps you can take to complete the integration.

Before you get started, please ensure both Okendo and Postscript are installed. The Postscript app can be installed from Shopify here.

Create an API Key in Postscript

  1. Visit and create a Security Key Pair.

  2. Click show to view your Private Key (your Public Key will not work for authorisation) and copy it or write it down.

Connecting Okendo to Postscript

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page on the Okendo App (Settings > Integrations).

  2. Open the Postscript section and copy your Private API Key into the corresponding field.

  3. Click Save. Okendo will connect to Postscript and set up your Automation Trigger for use as outlined below.

Using your Automation Trigger in Postscript

  1. Go to the Automations page on the Postscript App and click Create Automation.

  2. Fill out the details on the Create Automation page, ensuring that you have selected Okendo Review Request from the Automation Trigger dropdown list.

    1. (Optional, for reminder only) You may also want to select "Okendo Review Created" for the Cancellation Trigger if you wish to set up a reminder message.

  3. On the next page, edit the message content to personalise the SMS that will be sent to customers.

  4. Make sure that the {review_url} tag is included in your message, otherwise the customer will have no way to leave a review! You can either write it yourself, or use the More dropdown and select Add Tag, and then select the Review URL tag and click Insert Tag.

  5. Check the Wait option and remember that the Sequence you are using in the Okendo App will also have a Wait option. You can use either one to set up the waiting period between the customer's order being fulfilled and the review request being sent, but be careful about using both, as the customer could be waiting twice as long as expected before receiving their SMS.

    1. (Optional, for reminder only) If you wish to set up a reminder message simply follow the instruction in 2a and add a new message to the automation. Be sure to set up delay so that the reminder SMS isn't out send immediately after the first message. A second SMS won't be sent if the customer submits a review after receiving the first message.

  6. Click Save Automation.

Set up your Postscript Sequence in Okendo

  1. Navigate to the Sequences page on the Okendo App (Mail > Sequences).

  2. Click the New Sequence button and select the Postscript template. Give your new Sequence a name and click Create Sequence.

  3. Set the Wait time as desired, and add the details for the Email Review Request which will be sent to customers who do not opt in to SMS messaging.

  4. Save your changes and Start your new Sequence.

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