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Loyalty Onboarding
Written by Glenn Lee
Updated over a week ago

The Get Started assistant guides you through the onboarding process, enabling you to launch your Loyalty programs sooner and with more confidence. This article will explain each step of the process.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • What information you'll need for the Get Started assistant

  • Things to consider before you launch


Some features in onboarding can only be done, during onboarding. For example, you can only import your customers and their points balances, (from another provider), during onboarding. Once onboarding has been completed, you cannot access this feature again.

If you have completed onboarding and wanted to import customers, please contact Okendo Support.

Get Started Assistant

If you are new to Okendo Loyalty and have not launched your program, the Get Started assistant will guide you through the onboarding and migration assistant. The general workflow of the Get Started assistant is as follows:

You will taken to the Get Started assistant, when you first log into Okendo Admin > Loyalty or if you have not launched your loyalty program.

Note how you can preview your loyalty program in the preview pane, located on the right hand side of the Get Started assistant.

Your Program page

On the Your Program page, you will be prompted to enter some basic information about your loyalty program. This includes adding a Loyalty Program Name (a unique and memorable name, visible to members), a Loyalty Currency Name and Loyalty Currency Name Plural (typically, most merchants select 'point' and 'points') and a Brand Color (this is used to determine a suitable color palette for your program)

If you are migrating from an existing loyalty provider (e.g. Smile, Loyalty Lion) and wish to import you existing member list, select the option Do you have a current loyalty program?

If you wish to award customers points for past orders, select the option Do you want to award points for past orders? and enter a program backdate in the field Award points on orders placed since. You can enter a date up to 12 months prior to your launch date. This option is useful if you wish to encourage program engagement from the start, as it will calculate and award points, based on a customer's purchases, between the program backdate and the launch date.


If you select the option Do you have a current loyalty program?, DO NOT select the option Do you want to award points for past orders? This is to ensure that points on past purchases are not accounted for twice (i.e. once as part of the points balance, in a loyalty data import and as part of program backdating calculations).

Select Next to continue.

Import Loyalty Data page

Please refer to the article Importing Loyalty Data, on how to bring in loyalty data from an existing provider.

Earn and Redeem Rewards page

Select a give-back rate that makes sense for your business. For example, for every $100 spent, you may wish to give back $8 (i.e. an 8% give-back rate).

This setting will allow several points rules to be provisioned, out of the box.

Select Next to continue.

VIP Tiers page

If you are new to loyalty programs and wish to create VIP Tiers, then select Enable VIP Tiers. This setting will allow you to provision VIP Tiers in the next page.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to create VIP Tiers then do not select Enable VIP Tiers.


You will only see this page, if you did not create VIP Tiers in the Import Loyalty Data page.

Success page

On the Success page, you will be prompted to complete other steps to configure your loyalty program, before you launch. These include:


If you get your program setup wrong and wish to start again, select the Restart Setup button. This will reset the Get Started assistant, however if you have already set a program backdate, created tiers or imported member data, these will remain.

Click here to find out more about how to delete imported member records.

Once you have configured program settings to your liking and (where applicable) your member list has imported, select Launch.


Once you launch your program, that are certain settings that you will not be able to modify. These include VIP Tier and program backdate settings. If you need to update these, please contact our support teams, for assistance.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

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