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How To: Use The "Okendo Review Created" Shopify Flow trigger
How To: Use The "Okendo Review Created" Shopify Flow trigger
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This article will highlight how to create a Shopify Flow utilizing the Okendo Review Created trigger to send a Slack message when a review is submitted through Okendo.

This is just one of the many ways the Okendo trigger can be used, you do not need to connect Slack to Shopify Flow if you are using the Okendo trigger with other integrations.

Building the Okendo Review Created Slack Message Flow

1. Ensure Shopify Flow and Okendo are both installed on your store.

2. Open the Shopify Plus app and click on the 'Connectors' tab.

3. Click on 'Slack for Shopify Flow'.

4. Click 'Connect to Slack' and proceed with connecting Shopify Flow and your Slack account.

5. Head back to the 'My workflows' tab and Click on 'Create workflow'.

6. Click on 'Add Trigger' and scroll down until you see Okendo.

7. Select the 'Okendo Review Created' trigger to add the trigger.

8. Click on 'Add action' and scroll down to Slack.

9. Select 'Send Slack Message' to add the action.

10. Click on 'Send Slack Message' action block to open the configuration tab.

11. In the first textbox enter the channel, username or member of the intended recipient of the Slack message

12. In the second textbox you can click on 'Add template variable' to add trigger properties to the message. Below is an example of a Slack message using the Okendo Review Created properties:

:tada: New Okendo Review Submitted!

- Rating: {{trigger.rating}} star(s)
- Title: {{trigger.reviewTitle}}
- Body: {{trigger.reviewBody}}
- Sentiment: {{trigger.sentiment}}
- Product: {{product.title}}
- Source: {{trigger.source}}
- Created Date: {{trigger.dateCreated}}

- Review created by: {{trigger.reviewerDisplayName}}
- Email: {{}}
- Avatar url: {{trigger.reviewerAvatarUrl}}
- Country code: {{trigger.reviewerCountryCode}}
- Verified: {{trigger.verifiedStatus}}

Review Media
- Number of images: {{trigger.imageCount}}
- Number of Videos: {{trigger.videoCount}}

Reward: {{trigger.achievedReward}}

:white_check_mark: Approve {{trigger.approveReviewLink}}
:x: Reject {{trigger.rejectReviewLink}}

13. Click 'Save' and turn on the toggle on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Testing your Flow

1. Return to the Okendo app, select any product and click on 'Test Review Capture'.

2. Submit a review for that product.

3. The recipient should receive a slack message similar to the message shown below. Note: This can take a few minutes to be sent to Slack.

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