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Add a Referral Link to the Header/Footer
Add a Referral Link to the Header/Footer
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Once you have a dedicated Referrals Landing Page, it's important to drive awareness & exposure for your Refer a Friend product.

Adding referral program links to both the header and footer of your website is a strategic move to ensure that visitors can easily find and access your referral program, regardless of where they are on your site.

Our support and/or onboarding teams will happily support the implementation of any of the below.


Elements above the fold are prime locations to drive traffic and awareness. We encourage all merchants to display their "referral' or 'Loyalty' programs in their header menu.


While slightly less prominent than the header placement, implementing a Footer link means it's accessible from every page on your site and normally located with other key information such as Contact Us, Loyalty and Shipping FAQ's.

Some styling tips are;

  • Clear & Concise: Use clear and concise text, such as "Refer a Friend" or "Join Our Referral Program," to make it immediately understandable to visitors.

  • Visual Element: Consider using an icon or an attention-grabbing graphic next to the link to draw more attention to it. This can help make the referral link stand out in the header.

  • Consistency: Ensure that the referral program link is consistent with the overall design and style of your website's header. It should blend in seamlessly while still being easily noticeable.

  • Responsive Design: Make sure that the link is responsive and works well on both desktop and mobile devices. Test it on various screen sizes to ensure it remains user-friendly.

Floating Announcement Bar

Most Shopify themes have the native ability to have an announcement bar ‘stickied’ to the top of every page. This bar is used to feature prominent and engaging information.

If it suits your brand, feel free to use emoji’s and be more expressive here. E.g.

  • Refer A Friend Program Now Live!

  • Give $20, Get $20. Click Here!! 🔥

By placing multiple links to your referral program around your website, you cover the spectrum of user preferences and browsing habits. Some visitors may immediately notice the link in the header or floating tab while others may discover it while scrolling through your footer.

This comprehensive approach increases the likelihood of engagement with your referral program, which can lead to more successful referrals and customer acquisition.

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