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Post-checkout Referral module
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Post-purchase referrals are an excellent way to increase visibility and drive awareness of a Referral program. Embed a display on the order confirmation page, so that all customers who complete a purchase can share your brand with friends and family instantly.

To configure the Referral module on the order confirmation page, follow the below steps.

  1. Pre-requisite: Checkout extensions must be enabled on Shopify admin, if not done so already.

  2. Once checkout extensions has been enabled, navigate to the Thank You page in the theme editor

  3. Select Add app block -> Choose Okendo Referrals

  4. Customise referral widget settings

  5. Save the theme changes

  6. Start capturing Referrals from customers

7. The Referral widget can be moved around and positioned to maximise impact. The options are pre-defined by Shopify and offer flexibility to manage multiple post-checkout modules

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