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Display Quiz Recommendations in Klaviyo
Display Quiz Recommendations in Klaviyo
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This article will discuss how to display quiz recommendations to customers. The following variables can be populated in the email.

Variable Name

Variable Code

Quiz Name

{{ event|lookup:'Quiz Name'|default:'' }}

Product Name

{{ event|lookup:'Recommended Products'|lookup:'0'|lookup:'Product Name'|default:'' }}

Product Image Url

{{ event|lookup:'Recommended Products'|lookup:'0'|lookup:'Product Image Url'|default:'' }}

Product URL

{{ event|lookup:'Recommended Products'|lookup:'0'|lookup:'Product URL'|default:'' }}

Product ID

{{ event|lookup:'Recommended Products'|lookup:'0'|lookup:'ProductID'|default:'' }}

Note: Adjust the lookup value to pull in the value for each corresponding product that has been recommended. "0" represents the first product, "1" the second, "2" the third and so forth.

In this article, you'll learn about:

Sending quiz recommendations to customers

  1. Open Klaviyo and create a new flow with the trigger Submitted Okendo Quiz.

  2. Drag and drop a new email into the flow, and click edit.

3. Drag a table block into the email.

4. Navigate to the Table Settings > Dynamic and fill out the Row collection and Row alias. These variables are case-sensitive and must be entered as below.

event|lookup:'Recommended Products'

5. Navigate to Content > Dynamic Rows > select the right column and set the Cell Content to an Image. Add a dynamic image and insert the following URL:

{{ Product|lookup:'Product Image Url'|default:'' }}

To link to the product description page, insert the following variable in the Link address field. Set the Max width of the products to size them as required.

{{ Product|lookup:'Product URL'|default:'' }}

6. Select the left column under Dynamic Rows and set the Cell Content to Text. Enter the below variable in the text field.

{{Product|lookup:'Product Name'|default:'' }}

You may also hyperlink to the product description page using the following variable.

{{ event|lookup:'Recommended Products'|lookup:'0'|lookup:'Product URL'|default:'' }}

7. Preview the changes. The product name, image and link to the product description page should populate correctly.

Displaying quiz questions and answers

  1. Drag a text block into the email.

  2. Paste the following variables into the block.

{{ event.0.question|default:'' }}
{{ event.0.answer|default:'' }}
{{ event.1.question|default:'' }}
{{ event.1.answer|default:'' }}
{{ event.2.question|default:'' }}
{{ event.2.answer|default:'' }}
{{ event.3.question|default:'' }}
{{ event.3.answer|default:'' }}

Keep in mind that you can customize the variables depending on how many questions and answers you'd like to show. If you have 5 questions in the quiz, you would replace the number in the variable with 5, and so on.

2. Preview the changes and ensure that it's populating correctly.

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