Referral Activity and Customer Profiles
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There are two aspects of tracking your referral activity - a high-level view through Customer Profiles, and a more detailed analysis via Referral Activity.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How Referral activity works and what the data means (including rejecting a referral)

  • Customer Profiles - Referral profile properties and activity

Referral Activity

The referral activity tracks how customers have interacted with the referral program. It shows:

  1. Referrer and Recipient (name and email address)

  2. Recipient status - these include:

    1. Invited (only available when invited via email)

    2. Identified (comes through link share and enters email)

    3. Coupon issued

    4. Order placed

    5. Order cancelled

    6. Rejected

  3. Order Value

  4. Date created - Date the recipient was created in the system

The search field can be used to search customers by first and last name, email address, status and date submitted

When fraudulent activity is detected, the system will automatically reject the referral. However, there is also an additional option to manually reject referrals through the Referral Activity tab.

Customer Profiles - Profile Properties and Activity for Referrers and Recipients

Within the Profiles feature, you’ll be able to get an overview of a customer’s engagement with Referrals. Key information related to referrals such as the unique shareable link, total successful referrals made and the value of the successful referrals will all be displayed here. These profile attributes will also be synched to downstream systems such as Klaviyo for further segmentation.

Within the respective profiles (referrer and recipient), an activity log of all referral events is available to further visualize the details.

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