Using Surveys Data in Klaviyo

Learn how to create segments using Okendo Surveys data.

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Data generated from Okendo Surveys can be used to create targeted audience segments in Klaviyo.

You will need to have the Klaviyo integration enabled in your Okendo app before you are able to send Okendo collected data into Klaviyo. You can reference our help article here to set up your Okendo <> Klaviyo integration.

Creating Segments Using Okendo Surveys Data

Navigate to the "Lists & Segments" tab in your Klaviyo account on the left side panel and click "Create List / Segment" in the upper right corner. Next, click the "Segment" option on the creation page.

The segment builder allows you to define your segment by adding conditions.

Using Okendo Properties

If surveys include Profile Questions, the responses will be added as customer properties with Okendo prefixed. To use these custom properties, select "Properties about someone" and then choose an Okendo customer property as your dimension.

Once your segment has been created, click "Create Segment". After a segment is created, you can use it as a database to send highly targeted campaigns.

Using NPS Questions

If a survey includes a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question, the responses will also be recorded against a customer profile. The following values will be displayed:

  • Okendo Latest NPS - the latest NPS score from 0 - 10.

  • Okendo Latest NPS Category - whether they were a Promoter, Detractor or Passive in their latest response.

  • Okendo Latest NPS Date - the date of their latest NPS response.

These properties can be selected similarly to responses to Profile Questions.

Using Okendo Events

If surveys do not include Profile or NPS Questions, then responses to those questions can be found within an Okendo Event sent to Klaviyo in real-time. To use the event select "What someone has (or has not) done" and then select the "Submitted Okendo Survey" event.

Choose the frequency of the survey submission and time period. Next define the question and response you want create the segment from.

Note: If you're planning on sending a campaign to a segment, please allow time for your segment to populate before scheduling the email.

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