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About the Okendo Agency Partner Program
About the Okendo Agency Partner Program

Learn more about the benefits of Okendo's agency partner program

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Who is the Okendo Partner Program for?

  • eCommerce agencies and consultants wanting to assist Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants to implement a high-performance customer reviews program that drives conversion, AOV, and CLTV

  • At this time, the partner program is not available for Okendo Technology partners

Partner tiers

  1. Certified Partner: has taken the partner certification course

  2. Gold Partner: $1500 closed MRR over the last 365 days

  3. Platinum Partner: $2500 closed MRR over the last 365 days

How to qualify for each tier

  • Certified Partner status will be awarded on an Ad hoc basis as partners meet the qualification criteria

  • Gold & Platinum Partner status will be awarded every quarter by calendar year.

  • MRR will be calculated on a rolling 365-day basis from the date of the quarterly partner tier evaluation

  • Gold & Platinum Partners will maintain their status for 1 year. After 1 year, if the partner is no longer meeting the criteria to maintain Gold or Platinum status based on the rolling 365-day criteria, they will be downgraded in tiers.

Partner Program Benefits

  • Revenue Share: 20% revenue share on all closed deals that are referred by the partner via direct referral or affiliate link referral as per Affiliate Terms Agreement.

  • Access to Okendo's Partner Portal: Dedicated portal for Okendo partners to submit & track referrals & payouts, in addition to the latest Okendo news, resources, and the Partner Academy.

  • Access to Online Enablement & Training: Access to the Okendo Partner Academy via the partner portal to reach Certified Partner status.

  • Dedicated Partner Manager: Certified, Gold, and Platinum Partners will receive a dedicated Partner Manager as the Okendo point of contact for any referral inquiries, co-marketing inquiries, etc.

    • Certified Partner: Certified Partner designation

    • Gold: Gold Partner designation

    • Platinum: Platinum Partner designation in addition to being listed as a “featured partner” at the top of the integration directory

  • Welcome Swag: Upon becoming a Certified Partner, the Partner Manager or primary contact at the agency will receive a credit to use at the Okendo merch store.

    • When upgraded to Gold or Platinum Partner status, partners may receive additional swag or gifts for the primary contact or additional team members

  • Team Lunch & Learn:

    • Gold: Gold Partners can receive 1 Lunch & Learn on a calendar year basis

    • Platinum: Platinium Partners can receive 2 Lunch & Learns on a calendar year basis

    • For Gold & Platinum Partners, Lunch & Learn can be requested by the partner. Partner Managers will also let partners know when they are due for an L&L based on their tier.

  • Early Adopter Access to New Features: Gold & Platinum Partners will be given priority access to Okendo Early Adopter Programs for New Features.

    • Acceptance into an Okendo Early Adopter Program is not guaranteed and is dependent upon merchant qualification

    • As an alternative, partners may be given a pre-release demo of new features if a merchant is not available for early adopters

  • Inclusion in Okendo Content: Gold & Platinum Partners will have prioritized access to opportunities for inclusion in Okendo-produced content, including but not limited to, blogs & blog swaps, case studies, interviews, social media & newsletter spotlights, ebooks, etc.

    • If the Partner would like Okendo to participate in a co-marketing campaign that they are hosting, Okendo will evaluate the opportunity regardless of partner status. All co-marketing requests must be submitted via your dedicated Partner Manager.

  • Lead Sharing Opportunities: Gold & Platinum Partners will be prioritized to be included in Okendo lead sharing opportunities, including but not limited to, co-hosting of events, webinar participation, gated content opportunities, or direct referrals from the Okendo team where available.

    • There is no guarantee that Gold & Platinum Partners will be included in Okendo content or a minimum requirement for content included within a calendar year

  • Priority support: Any concerns or merchant issues raised by Platinum Partners will be escalated and prioritized by the Okendo team.

  • Marketing Development Fund (MDF): Platinum Partners will be eligible to request MDF. The request will be evaluated based on both the merit of the activity (type of activity and expected ROI) and the remaining available funding. MDF activities include but are not limited to, Okendo covering the cost of co-hosting a merchant event, Okendo sponsorship of an agency-hosted event, sponsorship fee for exhibiting at a conference or event, etc.

    • All requests for Marketing Development Fund use must be submitted to your Partner Manager and approved by the Okendo Team.

  • Access to Co-Hosted Merchant Events: Platinum Partners will be prioritized for opportunities to co-host in-person merchant events hosted by Okendo and other technology partners.

    • If a Platinum Partner would like to co-host an event in their region and invite Okendo to participate, Okendo’s cost for participating can be considered as part of the Marketing Development Fund.

  • Access to Okendo Leadership: Platinum Partners will have first priority for roundtables or events with Okendo leadership for opportunities to provide feedback about the Okendo Partner Program, product roadmap, etc.

  • Sponsored Agency Team Happy Hour: Okendo team can host Platinum Partners teams for an agency happy hour in their region up to once per year.

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