Below are instructions for how to add a Reviews Badge to show off your average review rating and total review count for your entire store. These instructions assume you already have the Okendo Reviews app installed and have completed the basic installation. If you have not, please see our article Manually Install Okendo Reviews - Basic Setup.

Step 1: Create a New Snippet for the Reviews Badge Code

Inside your Shopify theme, create a new Snippet file with the following specifications (choose either the small badge or the large badge depending on your preferences).

Suggested File Name: okendo-reviews-badge.liquid
Install Folder: Snippets
Code for Small Badge:
<div data-oke-reviews-badge data-oke-reviews-badge-size="small" data-oke-reviews-badge-link="/pages/reviews"></div>
Code for Large Badge:
<div data-oke-reviews-badge data-oke-reviews-badge-size="large" data-oke-reviews-badge-link="/pages/reviews"></div> 

Note: The /pages/review URL in the above snippets should be replaced with the page the badge will link to, or removed if no link is required.

Step 2: Include your Reviews Badge Snippet Wherever You Would Like it to Appear on your site

Include the tag {% render 'okendo-reviews-badge' %}  in your theme files wherever you would like your badge to appear (for example on your homepage or in your theme footer).

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