Generating the Google Analytics 4 Pre-Built Report
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This article applies to stores using Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

If you are using Universal Analytics please view our Google Analytics - Pre-Built Report Instructions here.

ℹ️ Before you will be able to collect data for your GA4 Report, you will have to create a custom audience in your GA4 dashboard. These steps should be completed as early as possible, as data will only be captured for the Okendo GA4 Report after these steps are completed.

  1. Login to your GA4 Dashboard.

  2. Select Configure from the left-hand navigation menu.

  3. Select Custom definitions > Create custom dimensions.

  4. Create a new custom dimension with the following parameters:

    • Dimension name: Event category

    • Scope: Event

    • Description: Event category

  5. Event parameter: event_category

    Custom Dimension For Event Category
  6. Click Save.

  7. Create another custom dimension with the following parameters:

    • Dimension name: Event type

    • Scope: Event

    • Description: The event type.

    • Event parameter: event_type

  8. Click Save.

  9. Select Audiences > New audience > Create a custom audience.

  10. Create a new audience with the following parameters:

    • Name: Okendo Users

    • Description: Users who interact with Okendo widgets.

    • Conditions:

      Event category exactly matches (=) Okendo


      Event type exactly matches (=) interaction

    • Condition scoping: Within the same session.

    • Membership duration: 7 days

  11. Click Save.

Generating the Pre-built Report

Click on the link below to open the pre-built report:

View Okendo GA4 Report

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