Generating the Universal Analytics Pre-Built Report

See precisely how Okendo's reviews widgets impact your business

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ℹ️ This article applies to stores using Universal Analytics (UA). Google is no longer collecting new data for UA and can be used for historical reporting purposes only.

If you are using Google Analytics 4 please view our Google Analytics 4 - Pre-Built Report Instructions here.

We created a pre-built report to show you exactly how your customers' interactions with Okendo's reviews widgets impact a few key metrics that are of great interest in ecommerce. These metrics measure a store's overall performance compared to the performance of those who interacted with Okendo.

The report tracks these metrics and displays the corresponding values:

  • Conversion Rate

  • Revenue

  • Transactions

  • Average Order Value (AOV)

To generate the pre-built report

Start by clicking this button to open the pre-built report:

Select your account

Make sure you sign in to the Google account that has access to your store’s analytics and then select your account in the Data drop-down list.

Select a new date range

The report automatically defaults to the last 30 days as the date range, but you can also select a different date range in the Select date range drop-down list.

Note: Only events captured after tracking was turned on will appear in the report.

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