Overview: Optimizing Your Reviews Program
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Setting up these features will allow you to build a robust reviews program by getting even more out of your Okendo app.

1. Incentivize your customers using Rewards

Rewards are a great way to generate more reviews and build brand loyalty. Offering a discount can really incentivize your customers to leave more reviews. Okendo allows you to give your customers a coupon code or earn loyalty points (this option is available only if you are partnered with a loyalty program that integrates with Okendo).

Go to Okendo > Rewards to start increasing reviews and UGC collection by offering rewards. Click here to learn more about coupons. If you're interested in integrating your current loyalty program, click here.

2. Understand your customers better by setting up Attributes

Capture highly personalized insights about your customers and what they love (or don't love) about your products with Okendo's Attributes feature. An attribute is any property or characteristic that you can gather about your customer or your products. Okendo lets you choose from four different types of attributes that you can set up to capture both product and customer insights.

Go to Okendo > Reviews > Attributes to start establishing a deeper understanding of your customer and products. Click here to learn more.

3. Quickly gather more reviews by performing a lookback

If you're new to capturing reviews from customers and want to quickly increase review and UGC submissions, you can perform a lookback campaign. A "lookback" is when you enable Okendo to retroactively request reviews for orders that were already fulfilled by setting the fulfillment date to a date in the past.

Go to Okendo > Mail > Sequences and select the sequence you already enabled. Click here to learn more.


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