There are a number of ways to customize the appearance of reviews on your site with Okendo. We offer extensive customization tools for our default layout as well as a number of alternative layouts so you can showcase your reviews in a way that suits your store's aesthetic. If you're looking for inspiration, you can check out how some of our customers use Okendo Reviews here.

Customizing The Default Widget

To customize the default reviews widget, navigate to Settings > Widgets > Styling. Here you'll find options for customizing many aspects of the default reviews widget. See the screenshots below to understand how the settings match up to the widget.



Icons & Badges

Breakdown Chart






Note: This feature is only available to users on our Power plan.

Alternate Templates

Note: The Customization settings for the default widget may have unexpected results when combined with an alternate template. For this reason we currently recommend that you don't use them together.

To get an alternate style setup on your store, please contact support.

Similar in style to our default widget with the inclusion of a hero media item on the right-hand side.


A more simplistic layout for reviews with fewer dividing lines, no media aggregate in the header, no customer avatar and no left sidebar for reviews.

A scrolling carousel of reviews with a simple summary header.

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