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Our integration with Google Analytics (GA) allows you to gain direct insight into the impact of customer reviews and customer-generated content on key commercial measures such as conversion rates, average order values and repeat purchases. Follow this guide to get your Okendo reviews widget interactions collected in GA.

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Initial Setup

The Okendo + GA integration makes use of your existing Google Analytics setup with Shopify to ensure events are tracked correctly. Make sure ecommerce tracking is setup on your Shopify store by following this guide:

Enable Event Collection

1 - Navigate to Widget Settings (Settings > Widgets > General)
2 - Under the Features section, turn Enable Google Analytics on

3 - Click Save


There are a few key metrics that are of great interest in ecommerce so we created a pre-built report to track and monitor these. These metrics show a measure of a store's overall performance compared to the performance of those who interacted with Okendo. The metrics tracked by the report are:

  • Conversion Rate

  • Revenue

  • Transactions

  • Average Order Value

Accessing The Report

To access the pre-built Google Analytics report, click the button below:

When you access the report, you will need to sign in to the Google account that has access to your store’s analytics. If the data or date filter (top right-hand corner) are set to default, you will need to select a date range and/or your merchant Google Analytics account option from the drop down list. The data fields should then populate accordingly.

Note: Okendo events tracked (green line) will only go back until when the tracking was turned on.

Events We Capture

An interaction event is whenever a customer engages with the widgets in any way. For example:

  • Clicked “Show More” reviews

  • Filtered/sorted reviews

  • Clicked the star icons at the top of the product or collection page

  • Clicked on an image or video to enlarge it

  • Clicked up-vote or down-vote on a review

Unfortunately, we cannot currently count people who simply scrolled and read reviews without clicking on the widget. This means that our event numbers can be considered conservative.

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