There are two elements that can be configured within the Sequences engine; the 'WAIT'and 'SEND' blocks. To configure a block, you can simply click on them to reveal to display a list of fields to edit. Non-configurable blocks will only display information about that step.

WAIT Blocks

Select the wait block to change the amount of days the engine will wait at that step, international orders can have a different wait time if needed.

SEND Blocks
This block allows you configure the content of your email to match your brand. The type of email that will be sent is displayed within the block.

The body is the main text block within the email, including a reward message if you have active rewards. You can use these variables in the body text to be automatically replaced with the corresponding information:

{{ firstName }} - Customer's first name

{{ lastName }} - Customer's last name

Previewing the Email
Seeing the email is important. It allows you to verify the email before it is sent out to your customers. The preview section in the Send block configuration allows you do to this. Clicking 'Preview Email' will display your email, compiled with the body, reward message, footer etc. on your screen. You can get the same email sent to you using the 'Send Test' button.

Note: The preview will randomly select a number of products, depending on the 'Max number of products to show'. When the email is sent to the customer, it will contain the products the customer ordered.

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