Starting a Sequence will start the engine, so emails will begin sending to your customers. It's important you have configured your Sequence and have edited, previewed, and are happy with your email content. See How to configure Sequence elements for more information.

1 - Go to the Sequence you would like to start. The panel on the right will display the current status of the Sequence and the Start and End dates. 

Start Date - All orders on and after this date will be added to the Sequence.

End Date (optional) - If you would like to target a select range of orders, select an end date.

2 - Click 'Save and Start Sequence' to save all changes made to the Sequence and to begin processing orders.

The Sequence setting can also be viewed by clicking the 'START' block in a sequence.

If you have already set up the Sequence dates, you can make the Sequence active from the Sequence screen using the menu icon on the right.

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