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Applying For Google Product Ratings

Connecting a product feed to your Google Merchant Center enables shoppers to discover your products through Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads.

If you choose to use these Google products we recommend also connecting a reviews feed to your Google Merchant Center so your product listings can be augmented with review data. This will help you capture more search traffic as a result.

You will need to sign up for Google's Product Ratings program. Please ensure you comply with Google's Product Ratings program policies.

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Tips For Signing Up For Google's Product Ratings

Q: Do you currently collect product reviews on your site?
A: Yes.

Q: If yes, do you collect and manage them or use a third-party service?
A: We collect and manage product reviews.

Q: On a 5 star rating system, how many reviews do you have that are x stars? (Convert your ratings to a 5 star system)
A: To get your Review Summary Data, visit our integration settings page (Settings > Integrations) and scroll down to Google Shopping. Click on the Review Summary Data heading to show your summary data.

Once your application is submitted, Google will review your application and either approve or reject based on your answers. This can take anywhere between 48 hours - 2 weeks.

Creating Your Okendo Feed

Once approved, you will need to Sync your Okendo Feed to your merchant centre. 

Step 1: Open your Okendo Admin page.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Google Shopping

Step 3: Enable your Google Shopping feed and click "Save". Once saved, your feed will be generated and ready within an hour.

Step 4: If necessary, toggle on the feature of "Use Product SKU as MPN". This feature is to be used when your products don't use a GTIN/barcode within Shopify and you would like Google use your Shopify product SKU's as the Manufacturing Part Number to help identify your products:

Connecting Your Reviews Feed To Google Shopping

Once your feed is created, and you are approved for Google Product Ratings, you'll need to upload it to your Google Merchant Center following the below instructions.

From within your Google Merchant Center navigate to the "Marketing" tab and then select "Product Reviews" within it. If you can't see this menu, please ensure you have signed up for Google's Product Ratings program (see the beginning of this article) and your application is approved.

Then follow these steps:

Step 1: In the top right hand corner click on "Product Reviews Feed" then click the "+" button. 

Step 2: Choose Mode as "Standard" and Type as "Product Reviews" (the default options). Click continue.

Step 3: Enter a feed name, e.g. "Okendo Reviews Feed". Choose "Scheduled Fetch" as the connection option. Click continue.

Step 4: Enter the following details:
Filename: google-product-reviews-feed.xml
File URL: <insert the XML URL provided by Okendo here>

If you get the message "Feed file name is not unique", the file name can be changed to something else, e.g. google-product-reviews-feed-1.xml.

Leave other options as default. 

Press continue, and that's it! 

It can often take several days or even weeks for Google to validate your feed prior to review data showing in Google Shopping results.

Please Note:

  1. Reviews for deleted products are not included in the feed.
  2. Google Shopping & Product Listing Ad's are seperate to Google Seller Ratings and will not show in your Google Adwords/Ad's. If you wish to enable Seller Ratings, please contact us or consider the Google Customer Reviews service.


How do you differentiate between verified and non-verified buyers?

There are 3 situations and 2 badges we can allocate;

  1. Verified Buyer: This badge is awarded when the customer’s email associated with the product review match an order within the store’s Shopify account and includes the product they are reviewing. Please note anyone who leaves a review from our Review Request Email will always be a verified buyer.
  2. Verified Reviewer: This badge is awarded to someone who has left a review via the button on the website but the associated email address for the review does not match an order within Shopify for that store & product. Okendo will send a verification email to the email address associated with the review to ask the reviewer to click and verify that they are a real person.
  3. No Badge: When a review has neither of the above badges, then the review is not from a verified buyer or the reviewer has not verified their email address.

Do you include syndicated reviews in your XML feed?

If you have multiple storefronts with syndication enabled, any storefront that has Google Shopping enabled will not push their local reviews to the other syndicated stores and their XML feeds.

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